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Western Australia

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in Western Australia

Our District, our collection of clubs, is our strength. 

It’s a little like an orchard. 

We get a wonderful harvest when all the trees are producing, when the trees are healthy and sound.

Our orchard will always produce abundantly if we provide it with the maintenance it needs. 

Healthy clubs are our orchard; our members and our service are our harvest.

Let’s Leap Into Our Future together and produce an abundant harvest of fellowship, satisfaction and growth. 

We need harmony to achieve our aims; we need balance in our service and we need determination to make it happen.

Enjoy your service, enjoy your meetings, enjoy your fellowship – this is why we are Lions.

The year ahead is ours; this is our centenary of service.

Together, and one year at a time, we can work on the next hundred years.

Yours in Lionism

District Governor 201W1



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