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                 District Governor Luen Chicote

It is with great pleasure your District Team and I welcome you to the new Lionistic year. We are all looking forward to visiting the clubs,

meeting you all and hearing of the great work you do throughout our District.

My theme for the year is “Accept Connect to Serve”. Should you want another acronym, here is one you can use “ACTS”. That acronym says it all.

These action verbs have all the connotations of energy, positivity and being pro-active to deliver our MOTTO “We Serve”.


We are working on better ways to connect and how we Connect? There is now an app called MyLion and I encourage everyone to use it.

I am proud to say that this is a service provided to us by LCI, not only to be able to keep the link open, but also to be able to attract our youth.

All the information to download this is on our MyLion website -

To Serve

With the links established, we can always be in touch with each other simply using a few taps on our mobile phone, how cool is that? We can share with each other

how everyone and every club are doing locally, nationally and globally. We can also send messages via the MyLion app to any

member who has already downloaded the MyLion app. I encourage all of you to use it.

I am very grateful to the many members of the District Cabinet team, the Convention Committee, all the Club officers and

most of all the club members who are all proud to be Lions to continue doing what we do best: to SERVE.

I am looking forward to meeting and working with you and would like to wish you all a great year ahead.


Yours in Lionism

District Governor 201W1 2018/19


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