MD Convention 2019

Lions District 201W1

Western Australia




CHRISTMAS CAKES New Lions Order Form. 2021 - PDF format. Click to open page. Save a copy to your computer. Open and you should be able to fill the PDF form online. 

                                     Christmas Cake Manual 2019   - please read through the manual as there have been some changes.

                                     Club Cake Chairperson advice form - fillable form in word format to be returned to your Cake Chairperson (details on the form) as soon as your outlets have been booked.

                                    Club Cake Chairperson advice form - PDF format.

                                   Posters - 1.5kg/1kgCakes & Puddings - PDF format which you can take to Officeworks to get large posters made.

                                                   1.5kg/1kg cakes only - PDF format

                                                   Puddings only - PDF format

                                                   If you would like the posters customised with your club name and prices on the cakes please let Richard know -