MD Convention 2019

Lions District 201W1

Western Australia


Date:                       Sunday 20th May

Time:                      10.30 am

Registration:           9.30 am with tea and coffee

Venue:       St Mary's Anglican Girls' School, 75 Elliott Rd, Karrinyup - Google Map

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             "Giving recognition to                     

             a very special group of                                                                

             young West Australians"                                                                    

Lions "Children of Courage" Award Program                                                                                               

The Lions Children of Courage Award Program is now established as an important and extremely worthwhile annual project of Lions Clubs International in Western Australia.

The program was introduced in 1983 by the late Past District Governor Joe Mason, OAM, who saw a need to provide for an awards program through which Lions Clubs in Western Australia could recognize a very special group of young Western Australians and their families.

At that time, there were many awards that recognized the achievements of young people except the children with “special needs”.

Since its modest beginnings, the Lions Children of Courage Awards has grown to be one of the most important annual events in the Western Australian Lions’ calendar.

What are the Lions Children of Courage Awards?

Definitely not a competition!  Every recipient of an award is a “winner” in his or her own right, as the recognition of these young people’s achievements will:

All children want to be accepted by others, regardless of any special needs they may have. These awards will portray them as children who have successfully overcome additional barriers which face them in this world.

Each year the children who are to receive an award, together with members of their nominating club and their families, are invited to attend a presentation.

As each child is called forward for the presentation, a short summary of the reasons for the presentation and eligibility for the award is read. The recipient of the award then receives a plaque detailing the category under which the award is made.

Nominations are to be forwarded through local Lions Clubs for consideration and approval and are restricted to children between the ages of 5 and 15 years. Children can only be nominated once for this award.

Categories of the Award

"Special Needs"

Children with special needs who have shown courage in the face of adversity. Such children include those who are confined to wheelchairs, who are sight, hearing or speech impaired or have undergone long periods of medical treatment, surgery or hospitalisation, which has perhaps brought pain and trauma to their young lives.

Nominees in this category will be those children who have attempted to overcome these obstacles and who have striven to improve the quality of their lives.

"Courageous Act or Deed"

A child who, without regard for personal safety, has been instrumental in the preservation of life and/or property, or has rendered assistance at an accident, or whose concern for others is worthy of recognition.

"Outstanding Sporting Achievements"

A child who has overcome personal hardship and, or disadvantage to achieve a high degree of sporting prowess as an individual, or as a good team member.

Nominations for the 2018 Awards are now open

Nominations for Chidlren of Courage for the 2018 Awards are now being accepted from clubs and community organisations. 


For Further Information please contact any of the following committee members


Pauline Song

PDG Pamela Baird

Bel Jackson



0427 082 674

0439 946 162